Title: Sexual Diversity in Condominium Communities – Closing the Gender-ation Gap

Date: April 27th, 2017

Time: 12:00pm, EST




Hear from board members, property managers and lawyers about the important issues and challenges faced by transgender individuals. Learn about the trends in condominium communities both locally and internationally.


This interactive webinar will feature board members, property managers, and lawyers from both the US and Canada discussing important issues and challenges faced by transgender individuals.  Learn about the trends in condominium communities both locally and internationally.

Key Learning Points:

  1. a) An overview of gender identity and gender expression;
  2. b) An overview of the relevant Canadian and US legislative framework;
  3. c) A look at issues relating to accessibility in condominium corporations and community associations and the impact on owners, guests, employees, contractors;
  4. d) A look at the results from a recent results from National Transgender Discrimination Survey, and the numerous steps that condominiums must take to comply with all applicable legislation and common law duties;
  5. e) A discussion of housing laws protecting transgender persons;
  6. f) A discussion of important recent caselaw and regulations in Ontario and the US; and
  7. g) A look at the importance of adopting non-discrimination policies for community associations and condo corporations.


Jeffrey A. Beaumont, Esquire, Beaumont Gitlin Tashjian (California)    jbeaumont@bgtlawyers.com

Jeffrey A. Beaumont, esq. is senior partner for the law firm Beaumont Gitlin Tashjian – a full service community association law firm with offices in Woodland Hills, Laguna Hills, San Diego and San Luis Obispo.  Mr. Beaumont has over sixteen years of experience providing general counsel and litigation services to his firm’s community association clients.  Mr. Beaumont has also successfully defended several community association clients from multi-million dollar claims.  Mr. Beaumont is an active member of California Association of Community Managers (CACM), serving as a member of its faculty, and the Community Associations Institute (CAI), serving on CAI’s National Faculty and past President for several Southern California Chapters.  Mr. Beaumont is a member of the College of Community Association Lawyers, a group of less than 150 distinguished lawyers throughout the country.

Susan Bradford Tarley, Tarley Robinson, PLC (Virginia)    starley@tarleyrobinson.com

Susan Bradford Tarley is a partner with Tarley Robinson, PLC in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Susan has worked in the community association industry for 28 years.  Susan enjoys working with the communities that Tarley Robinson represents and providing them with effective and efficient advice and counsel.  She has been a member of Community Associations Institute for over 17 years.  Susan serves on the Virginia Legislative Action Committee of CAI, and served as Chair of the Committee from 2012-2016.  Susan is a fellow of CAI’s College of Community Association Lawyers.

Christin Milloy, Board Member, MTCC No. 915 (Toronto)   christin@chrismilloy.ca

Christin is a human rights activist, part-time journalist and writer.  She recently settled a historic human rights complaint with the federal government about the collection of personal sex and gender information.  She continues to fight for the removal of gender and sex from the law, as an executive member of the Gender-Free ID Coalition.  She makes her living as a Senior Web Developer for a marketing agency in Toronto and has been a member of her Condominium Board for the past 9 years.

Yasmeen Nurmohamed, President, Royale Grande Property Management Ltd. (Toronto)  yasmeen@royalegrande.com

Yasmeen  Nurmohamed, RCM   is  the  President  of  Royale  Grande  Property  Management  Ltd,  an  ACMO 2000 and  ISO  9001:2008 certified  property  management  company.  Based in Toronto, Royale Grande  is  committed  to  building  vibrant  and  engaged  condominium  communities  for  a  more inspired way of living.  She is one of the founding Directors of CAI Canada.

 Shawn Pulver, Partner, Macdonald Sager Manis LLP (Toronto)   SPulver@msmlaw.net

Shawn Pulver is a litigation partner at Macdonald Sager Manis LLP and one of the founding Directors of CAI Canada.  Shawn is an experienced litigator, with a diverse practice focusing on condominium, real estate and business disputes.  Shawn is also a frequent speaker and writer on various real estate and condominium related issues.  Shawn has a thriving condominium corporation practice, and advises condominium boards and owners on condominium governance issues relating to the Ontario Condominium Act.  Shawn also has significant experience advising clients on the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act and disputes relating to condominium deficiencies and shared facilities disputes.

Greg Smith, President, Community Association Institute    greg.smith@associa.us

Greg is a native of Southern California.  He began working in the community management industry in2002 as an onsite manager and became a portfolio manager in 2004.  Greg moved to Colorado in 2010 to accept the role of Branch Manager for the Colorado Springs office of Colorado Association Services, a branch of Associa, was promoted to Vice President in 2013, and accepted the position of President for M & C Association Management Services in Stockton in March 2014.  On January 1, 2015, Greg becameSenior Vice President of Associa Northern California, responsible for client services to over 400 community associations in California. Greg has earned his CMCA®, AMS® and PCAM® certifications through the Community Associations Institute (CAI) and has been active in CAI as a committee and board member for over ten years.  Greg iscurrently serving in his sixth year on CAI’s national Board of Trustees and served on CAI’s Association of Professional Community Managers (APCM) Board of Directors from 2011 through 2015, for which he served as Chair in 2014. Greg is married and has a son. When not working, he likes to relax by spending quality time with his family.