ABSTRACT: This study was prepared by urbanMetrics inc on behalf of its Client, Airbnb. The study provides a third-party
assessment of the economic impacts associated with the Airbnb home-sharing platform in the context of Canada’s largest
municipality, the City of Toronto. This report concludes that Airbnb guests spent $417 million while visiting Toronto in 2016,
contributing $292 million to the local Toronto economy. Provincially, this economic activity contributes $377 million to the
Ontario economy and supports nearly 5,900 full-time employment positions. The loss of Airbnb in the Toronto market would
eliminate approximately $40M in spending, and trim approximately 600 full time positions from the local economy.
The information contained in this report is based on a variety of published sources which have been deemed by the authors
as both reliable and accurate for the purposes of this study. The urbanMetrics study leverages survey data gathered by
Airbnb related to guest and host expenditure in the local market in 2016. The study relies upon the Ontario Tourism
Regional Economic Impact Model (TREIMS), which was developed on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport
for the expressed purpose of measuring expenditure impacts with the Ontario tourism, hospitality and events sector.


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